Below are lists of research tools that are available for studying alpha-sarcoglycan.

Mouse Models

Several mouse models of sarcoglycan deficiency have been reported; two are cryopreserved at Jackson Laboratories

  • B6.129S6-Sgcatm2Kcam/J (stock #008275)
    • Alpha-sarcoglycan deficiency verified by western blot, RT-PCR analysis and immunofluorescence staining of skeletal muscle. Mice develop progressive muscular dystrophy as early as 6 weeks of age.
  • B6.Cg-Sgcatm1KamTg(Ckm-SGCE)1Kcam/J (stock #009651)
    • Homozygous for both α- and ε-sarcoglycan deficiency. These mice have no overt phenotype but have an exaggerated response to mild exercise.





Other resources

Bioz analyzes, aggregates, and structures data from more than 3.6 million articles and many different resources related to alpha-sarcoglycan can be found on this website.